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We make a big thing about the natural qualities of our wool, and with good reason. Outdoor shops are now full of clothes made with man-made fibres that are trying to act like natural fibres,  the point is it is an act, not the real thing. Nature provided  sheep with its fleece to keep it warm but to ensure it did not overheat,the keeping warm is the easy bit, it is the temperature control that is hard and wool does it. Don’t ask me how, it just does. So next time you are reading a label on a garment made from man made material boasting about its ‘breathability’,  and moisture wicking qualities just ask yourself this: have you ever seen a sheep shiver or sweat?!

But this page is not about doing down the competition (although it is hard to resist such an easy target!), it is about our yarn. We use the yarn from the Black Welsh Mountain (which gives our darker shades) and the Welsh Mountain (the oatmeal colour) sheep breeds. When we started out the Black Welsh was on the endangered breeds list. Now, having as it does, a commercial future it is abundant in England and Wales. Its natural properties are perfect for the outdoor life: Warmth, comfort, durability, strength and beauty. The wool also has the advantage of being naturally oiled which means it shrugs off dirt and makes it water resistant. Wool has protected man from the elements for centuries and it is no surprise that even with the development of man made fibres over the last few decades that it is now enjoying a strong resurgence.


We have limited amounts of yarn for purchase throughout the year, but supply is fairly hit and miss as we have to use a lot of it for our own garments. It’s best to give us a ring for current stock holdings.

We are also happy to send out small amounts of darning yarn to customers in case of the dreaded moth or spider holes. This is a free service but we might ask for a contribution to postal costs if it is going overseas. To avoid these holes shake the jersey out and pack it up in a plastic bag, at the end of the season, and tape up so it is airtight.


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