Sustainability really is knitted into the fabric of our company!

We can say that with pride and really mean it: our yarn comes from sheep roaming the meadows and hills around Britain; it is processed and graded for quality here, and then spun and knitted in England. We end up with a beautiful garment, made from renewable, natural, bio-degradeable yarn, that, with good care, should last many, many years.

The nature of the fashion and clothing industry has changed substantially in the last 25 years: clothing has reduced in quality and used cheaper and cheaper man-made materials simply to encourage people to buy more clothes more often. We reject that notion.

We want you to buy our jerseys because they last, because they get better with age, because it means you won’t have to buy cheaper look-alikes, more often. We didn’t plan it this way, sustainability has become a very on-trend word behind our backs! Many use it as a cloak to cover up their lack of sustainability. We believe that is why we have such a long standing and loyal customer base – they believe our jerseys will last for years, because they have one of our jerseys that has lasted for years.