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About Us

2016 is here and Black Sheep embarks on its 36th year making the finest knitwear from the highest quality British Wool. Much has changed over the last three decades but, as our longest standing friends will see, our core range and values have stayed the same: classic designs, made in England from British yarn.
In our earliest years the sheep grazing in the meadow at Ingworth would be shorn, local spinners would spin the yarn, our knitters would knit it and you would buy it!  Fundamentally this has not changed.  We have grown a bit now and have to get our yarn ready spun, and many designs are now made on larger knitting machines, but it is still from the sheep’s back to yours with as little mucking about as possible.  To find out more about the yarn we use have a look at the Wool Page.
Old hands will know that quality is what we are about.  We expect our products to last, and to look good for years not months. We have all witnessed the rise of the throw-away culture, the dreaded term ‘built in  obsolescence’ we all hate it and wish we could do something about it. Buying a Black Sheep jersey is not going to solve any problems the world might have, and is not going to empty any landfill sites  but when you do buy one you will be guaranteed quality of raw material, quality of manufacture and quality of service, and a garment that will keep going for you when others in your wardrobe fall by the wayside.


Black Sheep Ltd, 6 Home Farm Business Park, Marsham, Norfolk, NR10 5PQ
Tel: +44 (0)1603 279745