Black Welsh Mountain Sheep In the Mist

Black Welsh Mountain Sheep In the Mist

It Seems it has been nearly a year since our last blog, and our New Year's resolution was to do at least one a month - so we will start as we mean to go on!

We thought a good first post would be a few shots of our raw material in its development stage.  These beautiful Black Welsh mountain shearlings are grazing on our meadows in the early morning mist.  A shearling is just over a year old, and ours were shorn in June, to give us a small fraction of the total wool we need each year to produce our exclusive knitwear.  In the old days we use to shear the sheep by hand, spin the yarn by hand, then hand knit it to sell to you.  As we have grown up, so we have to go through a few more processes - sending our fleeces to the British Wool Marketing board for grading and quality control.  Then they go off to the spinners from where we receive the yarn ready to knit by machine and hand.

Our sheep live a charmed life, eating the lush grass, sleeping in their cosy shed, having no more stress in their life than the odd spook from the local heron.  No wonder they produce such amazing yarn, soft and hard-wearing, it really is the best that money can buy.

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